Frac Heaters

We provide a wide range of services from the fabrication of hard to locate parts to complete customization along with general maintenance and servicing.


Energy Fabrication specializes in custom Frac Heaters for use in oilfield applications. Quality super heater coils are available in various gauge and size configurations. Materials range from M.S., seamless carbon steel tubes to chromium molybdenum seamless alloy steel tubes to Stainless Steel.



Features of the Energyfab Frac Heater
16M Btu/hr heat exchanger (larger sizes available) Rear damage protection
12-14m Btu/hr output MC331 propane tank or DOT 406 diesel tank
Propane or diesel fired Truck mounted or trailer mounted
2600 gal. propane or 2450 gal. diesel Dual pump system – hydrostat drive

Full length bed with rails
Temp control system, rate meter and barrel counter
2” single or dual pass coil assembly Fire control system
Finned tubing on top 4 rows Propane pressure generation system for Northern US and Canadian operation